North Carolina public schools need effective principals. Our add-on licensure for school administration gives you the knowledge and skills you need to lead.

a grad ed student responds to the isntructor while classmates take notesToday’s most effective principals are leaders, master teachers and researchers. The add-on licensure for school administration is designed to prepare those with a master’s degree in education and an SP2 teaching license in North Carolina to become today’s principals.

Our licensure program covers standards adopted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and six points of emphasis in particular:

  • Community involvement and engagement
  • Having a positive impact on student learning
  • Organizational management
  • School culture and safety
  • School improvement
  • Teacher empowerment and leadership  

Courses and Experience To Prepare You

To earn your add-on license, you must complete a minimum of 22 semester hours in these graduate education courses:

  • EDLD 605 – Developing and Demonstrating Teacher Leadership
  • EDLD 610 – The Principalship – Part I
  • EDLD 615 – The Principalship – Part II
  • EDLD 620 – School Finance and Budget
  • EDLD 630 – School Law
  • EDLD 694 – Internship I (Summer only; 75 hours)
  • EDLD 695 – Internship II (Academic year only; 200 hours)
  • EDLD 696 – Internship III (Academic year only; 200 hours)

Altogether, you spend 475 contact hours in the three internships. The experiences give you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to real school settings. You compile all that you learn and experience in your leadership portfolio, which is also required to earn your add-on license.
Are you ready to add a license for school administration to your master’s degree in education? Make sure you meet all the admission requirements and apply when you’re ready. Please stop by or call 980-359-1022 if you need more information.