grad_ed_classroom_330x330cWingate University’s graduate education program offers master’s and doctoral degrees and add-on licensure programs designed to prepare you to lead within your chosen educational setting and to obtain appropriate licensure.

Master’s Degree Programs

Our master’s degrees fit where you are in your educational career, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or haven’t taught a single class.

Doctoral Degree Programs

Do you have your eye on the administrative office in a public school district or community college?

In both programs, you have the opportunity to earn an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree; you must qualify to earn an Education Doctor (Ed.D.) degree by passing written and oral exams and writing a capstone paper.

Add-On Licensure Programs

Do you want to teach gifted and talented students or become a school principal? If you have a master’s degree in education, our Educational Leadership program gives you the opportunity to become a school principal. If you have a bachelor’s degree, our AIG program prepares you to teach academically and intellectually gifted students.

It’s Your Move

Our graduate education admission requirements let you know what’s required to join our graduate program. If you have more questions, feel free to stop by to see us when you visit the Wingate University-Ballantyne campus or email us your questions.