It’s not too late to become an educator, even if you didn’t major in education as an undergraduate. Our Master of Arts in Teaching degree prepares you for the K-6 classroom.

a grad ed student responds to the isntructor while classmates take notes

Do you have an undergraduate degree in an area other than education, but you’ve decided you want to teach? Our Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education degree can prepare you to touch the future.

Learn In and Out of the Classroom

You can earn your M.A.T. degree in a little over two years, even if you majored in biology or theater. Simply take two evening classes per week each semester at the Wingate University – Ballantyne campus. The degree requires 36-39 hours of courses that prepare you to be licensed in the state of North Carolina as a 21st century educator.

You combine what you learn in the classroom with practical experience throughout the program. Visits to accredited public schools during your first three semesters enable you to put theory into practice. You can apply for initial certification in North Carolina after you complete this part of the program, successfully student teach, and pass three tests.

The Master’s Level

Once you have successfully completed the first four semesters and passed the initial MTEL exams and are eligible to apply for the North Carolina SP1 license, you may continue to work toward the next level of mastery. To do this, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for your first four semesters of work. This second part of the program includes collaboration with working professional educators and compiling a portfolio. Successful candidates are eligible to sit for the SP2 certification exam in North Carolina.

You must have completed the following courses before beginning your practicum experience:

  • American History – Three credit hours

    Dr. Kevin Plue

  • English – Six credit hours
  • Laboratory Science – Three to four credit hours
  • Literature – Three credit hours
  • North Carolina History – Three credit hours
  • Psychology or Sociology – Three credit hours
  • Public Speaking – Three credit hours
  • University-level Mathematics – Three credit hours
  • World History – Three credit hours

Are you ready to teach?

You must apply for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching program, provide two letters of recommendation and fulfill other admission requirements to be considered for the program. Have questions about earning a Master of Arts in teaching degree at Wingate University? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to visit us on the Wingate University – Ballantyne campus, give us a call or email us.