There’s nothing better than learning from professors who have firsthand knowledge. Our faculty believes in research.

a brick classroom building sits next to a pond with an American flag beside it Your history classes are taught by well-traveled history professors who are experts on regions of the world. Political science classes are taught by professors who are actively engaged in researching political science topics.

Sharing the Love of Research

Just because they’re avid researchers doesn’t mean our faculty is buried in a research library or have forgotten about teaching. It’s just the opposite: Their research makes them better teachers.

As subject matter experts, they enjoy sharing all they know. And since research involves asking questions, professors know the right ones to ask to keep class discussions lively. Plus, their teaching styles help you develop the problem-solving skills you need to be successful in college and your career.

Their research can help you outside the classroom too. Do you want to be involved in the Summer Research Grant Program? (It’ll look great on your graduate school application).

Current History Faculty Research

Our faculty have been published and continue to be published in scholarly journals. They’re members of professional organizations. Recent research includes the following:

  • Dr. Jim Hastings, chairman of the Department of History and Political Science: He has studied Hindu monastic traditions, and his current research is on Jain pilgrimage traditions.
  • Dr. Abannik Hino: His area of expertise is 19th-century African history, with a special focus on the Nile Valley. He is working on a paper about the slave-soldiers’ revolt in 1885 in Turco-Egyptian Sudan.
  • Dr. Caroline Hoefferle: Her current research involves immigration to the United States by those from Croatia. Her last book focused on student activism in Britain.
  • Dr. Steven Hyland: An expert on Latin America, he is researching the immigrant experience of Arabs in Argentina and anti-colonial activism in the Atlantic world.
  • Dr. Ben Thorne: A European historian, he is studying the genocide of gypsies in Romania during World War II.

Current Political Science Faculty Research

  • Dr. Joseph Ellis has recently published his research on political change in Estonia as well as the influence of pop culture and Twitter in Estonia.
  • Dr. Magdalena Krajewska is investigating the use of identification cards in the policing of immigration policies.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about research the Wingate University history and political science faculty is conducting? Stop in at Burris Building to speak with the members of our faculty.