Law school bound? Check out Wingate University’s legal studies minor.

four female students sitting around a round table with their laptops outIf you’re planning to practice law, you’ll have many career paths available. You might see yourself in a courtroom, but most lawyers spend their days dealing with legal issues away from judges and juries. That’s one reason our legal studies minor offers such a wide variety of courses.

From ethics to economics, this minor complements many majors and gives you a taste of what a legal career might offer you.

The Skills to Succeed

To fulfill a legal studies minor, choose two of these courses: Logic, Advanced Composition and Microeconomics. In Logic, you learn how to construct effective arguments. In Advanced Composition, you develop your skills in writing a variety of types of papers. Microeconomics is an introduction to price theory and forms of market organization. All three courses offer insight into legal issues that concern businesses.

Minor Investment, Major Impact

You don’t have to wait until you’re in law school to study how the law impacts what you’re studying in your major. Check out the details of the following courses in our academic catalog to see what we mean:

  • Business 305 – Legal Environment of Business
  • Communication 280 – Mass Media Law and Ethics
  • Philosophy 380 – Philosophy of Law
  • Political Science 201 – American Government
  • Sociology 307 – Criminology
  • Sport Management 404 – Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation

Business majors can apply only six hours required for the business major to a legal studies minor. Management majors choose two of these courses they want to count toward the minor: Legal Environment of Business, Logic or Microeconomics.

Ready to declare a minor in legal studies? Or would you like more information? Stop in and see us in Burris Building or email Dr. Jim Hastings.