The sum of our accounting courses equals a superior education and professional success.

accounting students in class

The accounting program’s design at Wingate University providesour students with an education that translates into superior performance in the professional world. Our curriculum comprises 10 courses covering the fundamentals of professional accounting. A student needs the following prerequisites before entering the program: Intermediate Accounting I and II, Federal Taxation and Auditing.

Courses offered in the graduate accounting program:

ACCT 621     Advanced Accounting I
ACCT 622     Advanced Accounting II
ACCT 628     Modeling of Advanced Tax Issues
ACCT 629     Advanced Taxation of Business and Property
ACCT 631     Advanced Auditing
ACCT 641     Financial Accounting Concepts, Analysis and Valuation
ACCT 651     Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACCT 652     Financial Institutions and Management

ACCT 680     Special Accounting Topics
ACCT 690     Accounting Research

More information on these courses can be found in our course descriptions.

Program Overview

The Master of Accounting degree at Wingate University is offered as both a one-year and a two-year program. In order to ensure adequate preparation for financial professionals, the program seeks to accomplish these goals:

  • The completion of 30 required credit hours (10 courses)
  • 150 hours of class time/training required for certification
  • Participation in lab programs for hands-on training
  • Development of a résumé and portfolio
  • Full certification by completing the certified public accountant exam
  • Transition into a career as a financial executive

If this meets your future career goals, we invite you to apply to our MAC program today.