Today’s jobs demand analytical thinking, complex problem solving and the ability to plan and organize. The study of mathematics gives you the skills to excel.

two female college math students studying togetherDo you think solving complicated math problems is more fun than a jigsaw puzzle?

Are you fascinated by elegant math formulas and theories?

Is developing the next breakthrough in game theory on your bucket list?

Pursue Your Goals

The Department of Mathematics is dedicated to empowering students with critical thinking skills. Whether you imagine yourself pursuing an advanced degree in game theory or solving one of Hilbert’s problems, Wingate University’s mathematics department prepares you to Major in a Great Life by following your passion for math and computer science.

From Theory to Application

We love theory, but today’s students expect to put their math skills into action. We’ve got that covered.

Opportunities for research allow you to explore aspects of math in greater depth. You design your own studies to interpret patterns, analyze data, and figure out how things work. Recent math interns have considered the classic game theory problem of the prisoner’s dilemma. If you’re interested in math as a career, we’ll prepare you with a successful internship.

Math Adds Up to Success

At Wingate University, You + Us = Successful careers for math majors. Take the next step by checking out the rest of our pages and learning more about our mathmath and business and math and education majors and the math minor.

Contact Us

For more information, give us a call or stop by the Burris Building when you visit campus. We’d love to talk numbers with you and explore ways to make the most of your time as a Wingate University math major.

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