Do you want to help drive the next innovative breakthrough in your industry? Be prepared to manage innovation and new ideas with a MBA degree featuring a corporate innovation concentration.

MBA students listen during classThe corporate innovation concentration in the Wingate University MBA degree program gives our students the necessary skills to drive the brightest ideas of tomorrow. You’ll learn how to foster and support entrepreneurship within the corporate environment. You’ll understand best practices for the management of innovation and technology so your company can develop a marketplace advantage.

We do this by using real-world case studies to help you understand the issues and challenges others have faced. You’ll have the chance to hear from individuals faced with these opportunities and their solutions.

Corporate Innovation Concentration

After completing the prerequisite courses (BUS 612, 622) the following two courses may be taken in any order, although we recommend taking them in sequence.

BUS 660 Corporate Innovation
3 credits
This course is designed to develop strong innovation management skills to help managers make good decisions relating to innovation strategy and implementation of new products and processes within the firm. Topics include guiding concepts and theories of innovation and how to translate into concrete practical strategies and programs for developing new products, understanding paradigm shifts in market needs, managing the innovation process and projects across different company functions and environments. Other topics include development of patents, trademarks, copyright, and other intellectual property to protect corporate knowledge assets, development of strategic alliances, and organization of the firm as a learning and innovation organization.
Prerequisites: BUS 612 Organizational Management, BUS 622 Marketing Management

BUS 661 Technology and Innovation Management
3 credits
This course develops decision-making skills in managing technology and innovation programs while providing a clear understanding of the innovation process and the most effective technology and innovation systems in use today. Topics include theory and practice of technology innovation management (TIM) at both functional and general management levels of the firm, technology road maps, and strategic technology plans, managing in varying technology environments, the effect of technology standards, out-sourcing and in-sourcing strategies, competitive strategy factors, and management of the appropriate level of technology deployment within the firm.
Prerequisites: BUS 612 Organizational Management, BUS 622 Marketing Management

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