Effective leaders are trained, not born. We can help you become a strong leader, ready to manage projects and people. That’s the core of our project management concentration for the Wingate University MBA degree.

students smile during classFew people are born with the ability to manage complex projects and the extensive roster of individuals necessary to achieve success. That’s why the MBA program at Wingate University offers a concentration in project management. Best of all, this
concentration has been validated by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

We also understand that managing your time, with family, career and personal interests, means finding a program that works for you. You’ll see that our curriculum is designed to address your needs with built-in flexibility. Start by taking our prerequisite core courses and then take either of the two project management concentration courses in any sequence. (We do suggest you take them sequentially, but it isn’t mandatory.)

Project Management Concentration

BUS 680 Project / Program Management Fundamentals
3 credits
This course examines and develops competency in the Project Management Institute’s methodology and approach to project and program management. Topics include the role of the project or program manager, specific processes required for successful outcomes in managing projects, and the origin and importance of project management and project management techniques and processes. The class has an experiential focus and uses simulation to develop to students’ skills and ability to manage projects.
Prerequisites: BUS 612, BUS 613, BUS 614, BUS 623 or permission of the instructor

BUS 681 Project / Program Management Leadership
3 credits
The course provides an examination of managerial and transformational skills abilities needed to lead projects and programs successfully. Topics may include how to lead teams in cross-functional matrix organizations, virtual organizations and constantly changing organizations. Various theories of leadership are examined in addition to the extensive use of experiential skills development and case analysis.
Prerequisites: BUS 612, BUS 622 or permission of the instructor

Manage Your Career

If you’re ready to develop tomorrow’s skills necessary for success as a project or program manager, contact us. We’d like to talk with you about the benefits of the Wingate University MBA degree. You can call, email or visit us at 13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 150 in Charlotte, NC.