Participating in the performing arts is crucial to a balanced education.

chorale group looking up towards the camera, dressed for a performance Being part of the Wingate University choirs is to join the ranks of an internationally traveled and highly respected group of musicians. We take pride in being one of the most diverse groups on campus with members from many backgrounds, lifestyles and perspectives. And our choral repertoire reflects this commitment to diversity. We sing everything from Southern gospel to non-Western selections. Plus, our performances have taken us around the world, including South Africa, Estonia and Latvia.

Choral Opportunities

Dr. Kenney Potter and Dr. Nana Wolfe-Hill lead the five choirs.

Advanced Women’s Ensemble
This 25-member ensemble is composed of music majors and non-music majors alike. Members are selected by audition and sing a diverse choral repertoire.

Chamber Choir
The members of the Chamber Choir are a select group of 25 vocalists from University Singers. This ensemble is chosen by audition and sings a diverse choral repertoire.

Men’s Choir
Members of the 12-member Men’s Choir, open to all students by audition, perform a wide variety of music from both Western and non-Western traditions.

University Singers
Open to all students on campus, this group is selected by audition. The choir sings a varied repertoire, which ranges from sacred music of the Renaissance to current popular music.

Women’s Choir
Forty members make up the Women’s Choir and are chosen based on audition. The choir’s repertoire is as diverse as the other choirs.

Are you ready to join your voice with ours?

Are you interested in auditioning for one of these choirs? Contact Dr. Kenney Potter for more information about the audition process. We look forward to hearing your voice raised in song.

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