A Wingate University psychology degree combines small-class learning and a new curriculum with research and internships.

The Department of Psychology emphasizes small classes and a new curriculum designed to prepare students for graduate school. Whether you major or minor in psychology, you’ll be exposed to four fields common in graduate schools:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Counseling and clinical psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social applied psychology

The Wingate University psychology professors don’t want you to get only a general knowledge of psychology. You explore one area in depth that you might want to focus on in graduate school or your career.

Burris Building's edifice A Hands-on Approach

We’re excited about our new curriculum, and we promise you won’t be stuck in the classroom. We offer hands-on learning to complement what you learn in class. Research allows you to learn more about a particular topic while you practice advanced critical thinking and research methods. Internships allow you to get a sense of a psychology-related career. And the best part: Our professors mentor you along the way.

After You Earn Your Psychology Degree

New curriculum. Small classes. Professors who mentor you. Research. Internships. Are you thinking, “Sounds good, but what job can I get with a degree in psychology?” Wingate University psychology graduates have gone on to careers in sales, marketing and human resources. You could earn an advanced degree to become a therapist, sport psychologist or vocational rehabilitation counselor.

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Check out our pages to learn more about studying psychology at Wingate University. If you want more information, email, call or stop by to see us in Burris.

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