Planning to major in psychology at Wingate University? It’s time to get psyched!

disability_services_confidentiality_pg_outdoor_class_330x330Psychology is one of the most popular majors at Wingate University. Its professors get to know their students in small classes, and the major prepares students to help others with courses that cover areas of psychology in graduate school and psychology-related careers. You’ll have a chance to learn about psychology overall but also dig deeper into one that interests you the most by taking:

  • 15 hours of required psychology courses
  • 27 hours of psychology electives that show how broad the field is
  • 35 hours that are at or above the 300 / 400 level

We can’t take all the credit though. Experts at the American Psychological Association helped us design our new curriculum.

Research Topics You Want to Learn More About

If you declare a major in psychology, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. You can earn nine hours of academic credit by taking clinical courses: Research that students design and implement themselves. Wingate University students have researched such topics as personalities, depression and why people are attracted to others.

Come Face-to-Face With Reality

While a graduate degree and professional license are required for work as a psychologist, you can still earn up to three additional academic credit hours by completing an internship. Wingate University students gain valuable hands-on experience and crucial interaction skills by working face-to-face with a variety of different people in settings such as:

  • Daycare centers
  • Homes for disabled children
  • Hospitals
  • Local nursing homes
  • Local schools
  • Shelters for victims of domestic violence

Contact Us

If you’re thinking about declaring a major in psychology, we’re here to discuss all of your options. Come by our office in Burris or email Dr. Jay Wilder.

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