Students do not need a pre-pharmacy background to apply for admission to the School of Pharmacy at Wingate University. But we have pharmacy school requirements you must complete before you begin your pharmacy coursework.

The Wingate University School of Pharmacy accepts students with undergraduate degrees from a wide range of disciplines. But we do have pharmacy school requirements that must be fulfilled before you begin your first year classes. Successful completion of the following prerequisite courses demonstrate that you are capable of handling the intensive graduate-level coursework in our program.

General Chemistry (with lab, for science majors) 2 semesters 8 credit hours
Organic Chemistry (with lab, for science majors) 2 semesters 8 credit hours
Biology (with lab, for science majors) 1 semester 4 credit hours
Anatomy & Physiology (1 course covering the entire body or a 2-course progression) 1-2 semesters 3-8 credit hours
General Microbiology (with lab) 1 semester 4 credit hours
Physics (with lab) 1 semester 4 credit hours
Calculus 1 semester 3-4 credit hours
Statistics 1 semester 3 credit hours
Public Speaking / Interpersonal Communication 1 semester 3 credit hours
English Composition and Literature 2 semesters 6 credit hours
Economics 1 semester 3 credit hours
Humanities / Social Sciences* 9 credit hours
Other 3 credit hours
Total Minimum Semester Credit Hours 61-67 credit hours

* Highly desirable but not mandatory: Psychology, Sociology, Foreign Language, Philosophy etc.

The Fine Print

These courses are required for all applicants, including those who were pre-pharmacy as an undergraduate. You can take these courses at Wingate University or another accredited college, university or community college.

We have put together a helpful list of course equivalents, including course title and number, from nearby colleges and universities that satisfy our course requirements. You must complete all of the required courses by the end of the spring semester of the fall you begin pharmacy classes at Wingate University.

We ask that you keep in mind:

  • Online communications and science courses are not accepted.
  • Science courses taken more than five years before you begin pharmacy school may not be accepted.
  • Grades for your in-progress courses are not considered when we determine your pre-pharmacy GPA.

One More Vital Course

Do you hold Basic Life Support (BLS) or CPR/AED certification? If not, you must complete the American Heart Association’s BLS Training for Healthcare Providers or American Red Cross CPR/AED Training. Why? Your experiential learning begins in your first year as a Wingate University student pharmacist. During this time, you may encounter a situation when you need lifesaving skills. We want you to be prepared.

Please call or email Ms. Jean Tarlton if you have questions about our pharmacy school admission requirements.

If you are ready to apply to the School of Pharmacy, we invite you to visit our Apply Now: Pharmacy page to start the application process.