Taking these courses at Campbell University prepares you for Wingate University School of Pharmacy.

You do not need a pre-pharmacy background to attend the Wingate University School of Pharmacy. Regardless of what your major is, we do require that you take specific courses so you’re prepared for graduate-level pharmacy coursework.  
The table below lists some of the classes offered at Campbell University that satisfy the School of Pharmacy’s courses required for admission.
Required Course Campbell University Course Number
Anatomy & Physiology  BIOL 221
Biology  BIOL 111 with lab
Calculus  MATH 122
Chemistry I  CHEM 111 with lab
Chemistry II CHEM 113 with lab
Economics  Any ECON course
English Composition  ENGL 101
English Literature  ENGL 102
Humanities / Social Sciences Four Humanities courses (Examples of acceptable courses include History, Psychology, Sociology, Foreign Languages and others. Art, Music and Physical Education are not acceptable.)
Microbiology  BIOL 334 or 336 with lab 
Organic Chemistry I CHEM 227 with lab
Organic Chemistry II CHEM 228 with lab
Physics  PHYS 221, 222
Public Speaking / Interpersonal Communications  COMM 160
Statistics  MATH 160
Remember: you must complete these required courses by the end of the spring semester prior to the fall semester you intend to start pharmacy school. If you did not earn credit for them as an undergraduate, you can at Campbell University or any accredited college, university or community college.
Please see Prerequisites for the Pharmacy Program for more information about the courses.
All set and ready to apply? Our online application makes it easy. Please call or email if you have questions about the course equivalents at Campbell University or the application process. We’re here to help.