The philosophical approach of the School of Pharmacy puts our students at the heart of our approach. This philosophy helps you develop as a skilled professional and as a person.

pharmacy students look at drug medication on shelvesWe have been committed to excellence in the classroom since the first pharmacy class stepped into the Levine College of Health Sciences building in 2003. Highly qualified faculty members led interactive classes, small group discussions and labs then and today.

If you are thinking about earning your pharmD degree, you can rest assured that our faculty members strive to make students the center of their teaching focus. We believe it is the best way to facilitate and strengthen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, scholarly inquiry and service to the community, profession and university. 

This is the philosophy of the School of Pharmacy. Following this philosophy ensures our program produces graduates with:

  • Complete pharmaceutical care skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding moral character
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ultimate professional commitment to the patient, community and employer

The School of Pharmacy’s philosophy complements the mission and vision of the university. The mission of Wingate University is to develop educated, ethical and productive global citizens. We do this by following our Judeo-Christian heritage and cultivating faith, knowledge and the spirit of service in our students.

If you want to see how this philosophy looks up-close, plan a visit to the School of Pharmacy. Ready to jump in? Check out our admission requirements for the pharmD degree and apply when you’re ready.