The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience is a 45-week experiential education that completes your training.

pharmacy students compound medicine during labDuring your first three years as a pharmacy student, your coursework is complemented with rotations in the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) program. In your fourth year you will undertake nine five-week P4 rotations in the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) program. The P4 Rotation Calendar delineates the schedule.

What You Learn

During these nine rotations, you bridge the didactic training and IPPEs with real-life experiences in specific areas of contemporary pharmacy practice. Each rotation emphasizes problem solving, clinical skills and critical thinking. The specific areas that are covered are:

  • Advanced community practice (10 weeks)
  • Advanced institutional practice
  • Ambulatory care practice
  • Internal medicine
  • Long-term care practice

Opportunities for three elective rotations complete the program. You can choose to conduct a rotation in a number of pharmacy areas. Students may also have an opportunity to set up their own elective experience, pending the approval of the Office of Experiential Education.

Wingate Campus Rotations

During the fall semester, students on the Wingate campus submit their choices for specific rotation zones. We use a lottery process to determine the assigned rotation zone. After the rotation zones are assigned, you are granted a one-week swap period. You then select rotation site preferences within each zone.

Early in the fall semester, pharmacy school preceptors determine the number of students and the dates they can precept. You can serve in any of these zones:

  • Asheville / Hendersonville
  • Hickory
  • Mecklenburg / Union / Concord
  • The Triad (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington)
  • Wilmington

We use a hand-slotting system to determine the rotation assignments. This takes place after the zone lottery. You are responsible for transportation, living arrangements and living expenses for all off-campus practice experiences.

You are not assigned to rotation sites with a relative or a current employer. You cannot serve a rotation where you are presently employed.

Be aware that the APPE director on the Wingate campus or the regional practice experience director on the Hendersonville campus must approve any adjustments to the rotation schedule.

The Office of Experiential Education reserves the right to adjust rotation schedules as necessary to accommodate changes such as preceptor availability or logistical conflicts. Students are notified when changes are necessary. Situations such as living arrangements, living expenses and driving distance during your fourth year do not generally constitute circumstances that allow for a change in the rotation schedule.

Hendersonville Campus Rotations

Hendersonville campus students are guaranteed placement in the Hendersonville zone. During late fall or early spring, you are presented with rotation sets, including required rotations and available electives. You have time to review all available rotation sets before notifying the regional practice experience director about your top three choices, including requested electives.

If the same rotation set is chosen by a number of students, we determine the assigned rotation set and elective through a lottery. You are encouraged to avoid selecting rotations with previous or current employers. Since the Hendersonville zone is smaller than others, this stipulation may be unavoidable. However, you are not paid for your rotation time if you work with a current employer.

If you want to set up your own electives, you must provide the regional practice experience director with the name and contact information of the potential preceptor within the designated time frame. The director ensures the rotation meets the pharmacy school’s requirements before the rotation is scheduled. Once you have your rotation assignments, there is a period of time to make adjustments to the rotation schedule or notify the regional practice experience director of extenuating circumstances. Acceptable adjustments to the rotation schedule, provided all program requirements are met, include trading rotations with classmates or choosing a rotation with an open availability as permitted by the process. Situations such as living arrangements, living expenses and driving distance do not generally constitute circumstances that allow for a change in the rotation schedule.

Special Circumstances

If you are a Hendersonville student who wishes to do a rotation in another zone or a Wingate campus student who wishes to do a rotation in the Asheville zone, you are not allowed to select those rotations until after the entire rotation selection process is complete for both campuses.

It is not appropriate for students to approach preceptors about arranging rotations or increasing availability, with the exception of the elective rotation described above. It is also not appropriate for students to approach preceptors about changing a rotation that has been assigned without first discussing the change with the director of APPE or the regional practice experience director and your respective regional coordinator.

Once the APPE assignment process has been completed, preceptors are notified of their student assignments for the following May through April time period.

Swap Policy

Students are allowed one rotation swap during their APPE year. To swap, you must meet the following requirements for all requests:

  • You must email the request to the zone coordinator or director at least 10 weeks or two blocks in advance of the rotation start date.
  • Only one swap is allowed per year. This excludes preceptor or administrator-initiated swaps, such as changes in preceptor or site availability. This also does not include your being accepted for a rotation that is subject to an application process such as international or specialty rotations offered through Wingate University School of Pharmacy.
  • The swap must occur in the same block and not affect other rotations. The same disclaimer as above applies here.
  • You may only swap an elective rotation.
  • You must have the consent of the original preceptor for the swap to take place. The director or zone coordinators will seek this and contact the preceptor for the proposed new elective rotation.

Please call or email Dr. Haltom if you have questions about the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience.