Are you interested in serving the next generation of pharmacists as a teacher, mentor and role model? If so, consider becoming a preceptor for our students.

a pharmacy student holds a syringe and a medicine bottlePreceptors mentor and teach students during their experiential education in a clinical setting. Preceptors not only help students become drug information experts but assist them as develop their professional communication and leadership skills. It is during their rotations that students put into practice what they have learned about being effective healthcare contributors. Preceptors are professionals who choose to participate in the education of tomorrow’s pharmacists.

In addition, preceptors are expected to:

  • Complete timely evaluation of students. Final evaluation is due within one week of the rotation’s completion.
  • Offer rotation experiences according to the goals and objectives outlined by the School of Pharmacy.
  • Work with assigned students without discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Be licensed and in good standing with the state licensure board for at least 12 months. Your record should be free of violations resulting in state board sanctions.
  • Complete a preceptor training program.
  • Develop a site-specific syllabus for the rotation.(Directors of the experiential program are available to help develop the syllabus.)
  • Participate in continuing professional development related to precepting.
  • Permit the student to assume the functions of a pharmacist under your supervision.
  • Provide verbal and written feedback to students relating to their progress.
  • Spend sufficient time with students to demonstrate role modeling, but also give the student autonomy to function in your practice site as a professional.

If you choose to become one of our valued preceptors, please complete either the 2016-2017 Preceptor Application for Wingate or the 2016-2017 Preceptor Application for Hendersonville (PDF).