Do you have a pharmacy career in your sights? Put your PharmD on the fast track by taking pre-pharmacy courses in the Wingate University Pre-Pharmacy Course of Study program.

At the Wingate University School of Pharmacy, we don’t require a bachelor’s degree for admission. That’s right: If you’re certain you want to earn a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) you can accelerate your education with our pre-pharmacy course of study.

2+4= PharmD

The two-year pre-pharmacy course of study is not a major, so you don’t earn a degree when you complete your prerequisites. But if you complete all of your prerequisite pre-pharmacy courses at Wingate University, you can set out on our pre-pharmacy path straight into the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program. You follow the two + four model (two years of pre-pharmacy courses and four years of doctorate work), so you can earn your PharmD in as few as six years. Additionally, you can jump start your pharmacy school application process. If you follow the pre-pharmacy course of study, you can begin applying the summer before you start your second year of prerequisites.

Pre-Pharmacy Course of Study in a Nutshell

Wingate University’s prerequisite pre-pharmacy courses give you the skills and knowledge you need to thrive at the Wingate University School of Pharmacy: A solid foundation in mathematics and sciences, along with enhanced analytical abilities and critical-thinking skills. You also benefit from the invaluable experience of professional pharmacists and faculty and staff through lectures and job shadowing. Additionally, you work closely with fellow students and grow your knowledge and understanding through mentoring from your more advanced peers. 

And we don’t mind touting the results of our program. Our class of 2015 had a 97.77 percent North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) pass rate. That exceeded the 2015 pass rate of both North Carolina (93 percent) and the United States (93 percent).

Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program

Our comprehensive course of study satisfies all the prerequisites you need to succeed once you gain admission to our pharmacy school. Wingate University is dedicated to your success, and we also want to provide you with value. That’s why we waive the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) requirement and the accompanying fee if you maintain at least a 3.2 GPA in your pre-pharmacy prerequisites. In addition, when you meet this criteria, you’re guaranteed an interview with us. And if your interview score is satisfactory, you’ll be offered a seat in the program. How’s that for incentive? 

Is Pre-Pharmacy Right for Me?

It’s OK to be uncertain of where your educational path will take you. A large part of the university experience is growing as a person and a student. You can always take Global Perspectives courses and attend lyceums like traditional Wingate University undergraduates. That way, if you change your mind, you’ll be prepared to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Ready to Get Started With Pre-pharmacy Courses?

Great! We’re eager to meet you. Contact Dr. Chris Dahm for more information about our course of study, and for answers to any of your questions.