Gain insight into the sport industry as a sport management major at Wingate University.

male_student_studying_in_sweatshirtSport management majors at Wingate University enjoy personal attention in small classes. Experienced faculty members serve as mentors, offering advice on classes, internships and future career paths.

We understand that Wingate University students are unique and have their own professional goals. That’s why the sport management program gives you the opportunity to learn about career options in the sport industry and hands-on learning experiences while you’re a student.

Internships = Professional Experience

Our hands-on sport management program gets you out of the classroom and into the industry. The capstone experience of the major is a two-part six-hour internship class, generally completed during the spring of the junior year and the summer after your junior year. Where have past interns worked? Within nearly every college and professional sport setting, including the NFL, NBA, NASCAR and NCAA Division I athletic programs.

How Do I Get In?

To be admitted as a sport management major, you must:
  • Complete six experiential learning opportunities
  • Complete SMGT 111, SMGT 210 and SMGT 242 with a grade of “C” or higher
  • Have a 2.00 overall GPA at time of application
  • Submit a completed application to the sport management program coordinator. Application deadlines are Sep 30, Feb 28 and June 30. Applications are available in the coordinator’s office.

If you love sports and dream of being on the business side of things, come by the Cannon Athletic Complex for a chat.

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