This degree checklist reflects the requirements for the sport management degree for the 2015-2016 academic year. This information is provided as an indication of the scope of the coursework. Majors pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in sport management must adhere to the degree requirements in the published academic catalog in effect when they declared as a major. All questions should be directed to your advisor.

Global Perspectives – 24 credit hours
GPS 110 Global Perspectives in Scripture
GPS 120 Perspectives in World Cultures
GPS 210 Global Perspectives in Literature
GPS 220 Global Perspectives in Economics and Political Science
GPS 310 Global Perspectives in Ethics
GPS 320 Perspectives in Global Histories
Second Language 101
Second Language 102

University Foundations – 24-26 credit hours
GATE 101 Gateway to University Life
ENG 110 University Writing and Research
Fine Arts
MATH 115 Pre-calculus or higher
MATH 115+ or Lab Science
MATH 115+ or Lab Science
PE 101 Personal Fitness and Wellness

Sport Management – 42 credit hours
SMGT 111 Introduction to Sport Management
SMGT 210 Sport Governance
SMGT 242 Leadership In Sport and Recreation
SMGT 300 Sport Marketing
SMGT 301 Sport Finance
SMGT 305 Psychology of Sport and Exercise
SMGT 330 Leisure Sport Facility Design and Management
SMGT 370 The Globalization of Sport in the 21st Century
SMGT 404 Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation
SMGT 415 Sport Sponsorship and Sales
SMGT 430 Philosophical Foundations of Sport and Recreation
SMGT 478 Internship Seminar
SMGT 479 Internship Experience
SMGT 495 Management Issues in Sport
SMGT 497 Exit Examination

Business / Communication Courses – 18 credit hours
ACCT 253 Principles of Financial Accounting
COMM 101 Public Speaking
CS 110 Computing for the 21st Century
ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics
MGMT 302 Principles of Management
MARK 301 Principles of Marketing

Electives – 16-18 credit hours
General electives (100- or 200-level courses) or advanced electives (300- or 400-level courses) may fulfill this requirement. MATH 305 Calculus and Analytical Geometry III is recommended. You must take enough advanced level courses to meet the minimum 40-hour overall required for graduation.

Lyceum Events – 40 events from the following categories
Faith and Character – 5 events
Fine Arts – 5 events
Lectures – 5 events
Growth – 5 events
Electives – 20 events from any of the 4 categories