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Media Relations

Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau includes experts on a wide range of topics, from youth sport to eastern European politics.

The Wingate University Speakers Bureau roster represents a cross-section of our faculty. They are passionate researchers and dynamic presenters, and they are available to speak at your next event. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following examples.

What is Sprouting at Wingate University

We have realized that our student population is projected to grow to approximately 4,000 students over the next five years -- a challenge but also an opportunity for innovation. We also know that 20 percent of our undergraduate students come from Union County, and we want to invite them to become change agents in their own communities. 

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Why Ukraine matters

Two years ago, on a hot July day in Odessa, I watched convoys of Ukrainian soldiers move eastward towards the Donbas region, the conflict zone where they would engage with Russian troops and “little green men”, mercenaries employed by Putin to destabilize Ukraine. Their faces broadcast grim determination mixed with worry. This is not how it has always been in Ukraine, but it is the new reality.

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