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Academic Affairs

Eric Schneider

Interim Provost

Dr. Eric Schneider

About Me

The View From Wingate, a podcast.

Welcome to Wingate University and the Division of Academic Affairs!

Wingate is home to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level programs designed to inject you into an academic environment of inquiry, creativity, skill development, interaction, and application.

The Cannon College of Arts and Sciences, Levine College of Health Sciences, Porter B. Byrum School of Business, School of Pharmacy, Thayer School of Education and the School of Sport Science have over 200 combined talented full-time faculty dedicated to cutting edge teaching, innovative research, and thoughtful student mentoring.

Our Mission

Wingate University believes in small class sizes, personal attention, collaborative learning, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences which prepare our graduates to become leaders in the 21st century global community. Our student engagement team is dedicated to making sure you find your place no matter your interests, experiences, or which program you are entering. If you want an opportunity to produce your own research, engage in service learning, study abroad, have an internship, network with employers, and build bonds with fellow students and faculty that will last a lifetime, you have found a home.

Your Experience

No matter who you are there is someone just like you at Wingate and someone whose life experience and perspective you have not previously encountered. Students can choose from a host of concerts, plays, athletic and extra-curricular events, join a wide array of service, academic, and social organizations, and sample as much or as little as they would like from a rich student life geared for the traditional and non-traditional student alike. College life is a dynamic time and living, learning, and growing at Wingate will offer a robust range of opportunities. You can pursue the challenges of creativity and performance, explore the stimulating questions of the social and behavioral sciences, conduct lab-based research in the natural, applied, information, or health-based sciences, write a business plan, prep as a classroom teacher, dive deep into the humanities, or prepare for a lifelong career as a health professional in any number of primary, rehabilitative, or behavioral care fields. It won’t be easy, but conquering the challenges of academic life at Wingate will prepare you for graduate, professional, and career opportunities that can take you anywhere and everywhere. I’m confident you will find a mentor along the way and make a host of lifelong friends. Our classes meet on many different days and at convenient times and include in-class, discussion, seminar, hybrid, lab, online, clinical, independent study, service learning, and project-oriented courses and experiences. Need to take a little more time because of the demands of work or family? We’ve got a plan for you too.

Your Skills

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you will develop digital, oral, and written presentation abilities, data formulation, retrieval, analysis, and interpretation, critical thinking and decision-making skills, all while working both independently and in groups in the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the nation’s most dynamic and diverse cities. Need to take a little more time because of the demands of work or family? We’ve got a plan for you too.  

Our Promise

We are at work every day to make sure your Wingate experience is a laboratory of difference-making, designed to make you market ready for the rest of your life. Come be a part of a great tradition that’s building for a brighter, more inclusive, and even more meaningful future.

Meet Our Team