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Concur Instructions

Wingate University’s switch to Concur for credit card expense reporting and expense reimbursements has been a positive change. Currently we are expanding the use of the Concur software to purchase orders and invoices. This will be effective June 1, 2021, and includes all departments.

Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Currently, any purchases over $1,000 should receive prior approval before an order is placed. Users will have the ability to access Requests in Concur and build a Purchase Requisition. Once the request is submitted, Concur will obtain the necessary approvals. After the requisition has been fully approved, Concur will forward the request to the Business Office and a Purchase Order will be released. The PO will be forwarded via email to the requestor who can then forward the PO to the vendor.

When the invoice is sent for payment, the approval process will not be repeated. The person that submits the invoice is verifying the satisfactory receipt of the goods or services so the Business Office knows the invoice is acceptable to pay. If there is a problem with the invoice such as an incorrect quantity, service not completed, or an item billed has not yet been received, please do not release the invoice for payment. Work with the vendor until the billing is satisfactory.
Below are links for training videos related to building requisitions and attaching Purchase Orders with Invoices.



The Invoice tab provides access to invoices that are either connected to a Purchase Order or not. Capture is software utilized by Concur that will feed information from an invoice that is submitted via While working with our pilot groups, we are scanning the invoices to Capture as we receive them. However, once we have every department onboard in June, we will begin reaching out to our vendors asking them to scan their invoices directly to Capture. Capture eliminates the manual aspect of entering the information for each invoice.

Capture requires 2 to 3 days for processing before releasing the invoices back to Concur. The invoices are then assigned to a user either by a default code or a processor from the Business Office will make the assignment. If a vendor is used by more than one department or user, please understand we will not be able to default the user.

At this point, the users will be able to see the invoices in their files within Concur. The link below will provide instruction for accessing, reviewing, and submitting the invoice for payment. The Business Office will receive the invoices after any necessary approvals are obtained and payment will be made to the appropriate vendors. The deadline for invoices to be included with the weekly payments is noon on Wednesdays. 

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following: