Career Preparation

The most important thing you’ll learn at Wingate University is who you are as a person. Discovering this helps make finding and preparing for a career so much easier.

You can make this process simpler if you take the following steps each year:

  • Attend all of your classes and strive to get good grades. You should keep track of your GPA and endeavor to raise it.
  • Create your résumé and keep it updated.
  • Gain experience and get involved on campus. Volunteering, joining organizations and participating in activities strengthens your résumé.
  • Take a self-assessment to explore career options that could be right for you.
  • Use CareerGate-Powered by Purple Briefcase to search for internship and part-time job opportunities.

Make it a point to focus on specific career planning tasks each year. Your career advisor can help you figure out what to tackle each year. In general the following lists are a good starting point.

Freshman Year

  • Attend career-related events hosted by the Office of Career Development.

  • Research and keep a list of majors that interest you.

  • Visit the Office of Career Development to discuss career planning with your career advisor.

Sophomore Year

  • Attend career-related events hosted by our office.

  • Create and expand your network by talking to people who have careers that interest you.

  • Meet with your career advisor to discuss your dream job. Consider if your interests, skills and values match your dream job.

Junior Year

  • Attend career-related events, especially ones focusing on professional development.
  • Intern to gain experience in your field of interest.
  • Meet with your career advisor to chat about career options and graduate school preparation.
  • Discuss your dream job and any alternative jobs you have in mind.
  • Consider how your interests, skills and values match both the dream job and the alternatives.
  • Decide if an advanced degree is required for your chosen career path.

Senior Year

  • Attend career-related events.

  • Intern or volunteer to gain experience in your field of interest.

  • Meet with your career advisor to work on job search strategies and interviewing skills.


As an undergraduate, you probably heard us talk about the importance of having and using your network. That network can help you find a job and even narrow down career options for you. As a Bulldog, you can expand your network through our LinkedIn group Wingate University Office of Career Development.

Wingate University’s online career management system available 24/7!

Careergate for Employers

CareerGate for Current Students

Employers: Use CareerGate to post and manage jobs and internships.  Visit the link above and then choose “New Employer.”
Job Seekers (current students and alumni): Wingate University students and alumni are able to apply for jobs and internships online, to upload cover letters and resumes, and to contact employers regarding specific opportunities. Log into your Wingate email and then click on the student link above.  You shouldn’t need a password.
Faculty/Staff: Contact the Office of Career Development to request an account.
Prospective Students: You will be given access to CareerGate once you have your login to the Wingate email system.