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Resolving Problems & Issues

Students are encouraged to discuss problems and issues with the person or department involved. If discussion with the involved parties fails, please follow the reporting process below. Please include what other measures have been taken to resolve the issue.

Category Report a Problem or Issue
Academic Advising Click Here
(select Academic Advising)
Access Concerns Click Here
Business Office Click Here
(select Business Office)
Career Services Click Here
(select Career Services)
Dining Click Here
Financial Aid Click Here
(select Financial Aid)
Instructor Concern Discuss with the instructor first. If dissatisfied with the instructor's response, or if you are uncomfortable contacting the instructor, please contact the department chair, program director, or school dean.
IT/Technical Click Here
(select IT/Technical)
Online & Distance Education Click Here
Registrar Click Here
(select Registrar)
Room Maintenance Click Here
Problem/Issue not listed above Click Here
(select Other)



Filing a Formal Complaint

In the event that reporting your problem or issue as outlined above does not result in an acceptable resolution, you may file a formal complaint. Please follow the guidelines provided for the type of problem/issue you would like to escalate.

Wingate University is committed to treating all students with respect, fairness, and equity while fostering an environment that promotes learning and growth. A student may file a complaint if they have an unresolved disagreement with a faculty or staff member, another student, or the administration. The University will treat all information submitted in connection with a complaint as confidential. Subject to FERPA and other applicable privacy laws, however, the University official investigating the grievance will inform individuals with a legitimate need to know of the grievance and may provide them related information as necessary to allow the University official to conduct a meaningful and thorough investigation. The University official investigating the complaint will inform all involved parties of the need to maintain the confidentiality of such information. Wingate University prohibits retaliation for submitting a complaint. Retaliation includes threats, intimidation, reprisals, and adverse actions. 


External Complaint Resources

Wingate University is committed to providing opportunities for student complaints to be received and resolved.  Students with complaints that have not been resolved through the University's complaint processes may file a complaint through other avenues.