Fees and FAQs

You can visit the Health Center for routine sick visits without paying any fees since these are included in your tuition. Keep in mind that certain Health Center services do require a fee.*


In-house Lab Services Fee
Blood sugar $10
Hemoglobin $10
Mono test $10
Rapid Strep $10
TB skin text $12
Urinalysis $10
Urine pregnancy test $10


Reference Lab Services Fee
Basic Metabolic Panel $10
CBC $10
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea $25
Comprehensive metabolic panel $10
Ferritin $10
Glucose $10
HCG (pregnancy) $10
Hemoglobin A1C $10
Hepatitis B Titer IgG $10
Herpes culture $15
Herpes Simplex Virus II IgG $13
Herpes Simplex Virus I-II IgM $15
HIV Screen $10
Iron Profile $10
Lipid Panel $10
Liver Function Test $10
MMR Titer $13
Monospot $11
Pap Smear $35
PT $10
Thyroid Panel $10
Urine Culture $10
Varicella-Zoster Antibodies IgG $10
Vitamin D Level $15
Wound Culture $15


Immunizations Fee
Hepatitis A $80
Hepatitis B $70
Tdap $60
Tetanus Booster (Td) $50
Typhoid $85
Meningitis  $160



Urgent Care Services Fee
Abscess Incision and Drain $20
IV Fluid Incision $15
Laceration Repair $25
Physical Exam (new student) $35
Sports Physical $25
Well-woman Exam (for birth control) $50
Well-woman Exam with Pap Smear $75

*Allergy injections are $5 per visit but no more than $20 per month.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.  


Am I required to have health insurance?

Yes, you need to provide proof of your personal health insurance or enroll in the Wingate University Student Health Insurance Plan.

What immunizations are required?

Who’s exempt from immunization requirements? Students taking online courses, off-campus courses, evening courses (after 5pm) or no more than four daytime credit hours.

The minimum immunization requirements for a student in a North Carolina college or university are as follows:

Tetanus Series (Td, DPT, Tdap)
Three doses. One must have been within the past 10 years. Those individuals enrolling in college or university for the first time on or after July 1, 2008 must have had three doses of tetanus / diphtheria toxoid and a booster dose of tetanus / diphtheria / pertussis vaccine if a tetanus / diphtheria toxoid or tetanus / diphtheria / pertussis vaccine has not been administered within the past 10 years.
MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella)
Two doses (given on or after first birthday)
Or documented positive IgG titers to Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella
Hepatitis B
Three doses. Hepatitis B vaccine is not required if:
You were born before July 1, 1994 AND
You are not enrolled as a Health Science major.
Meningitis (required for students living on Wingate campus)
One dose within the last five (5) years (given on or after 16 years of age)
Three doses.
If you are 18 years old, you are not required to receive the polio vaccine.
TB Skin Test (PPD) 
One within the last 12 months
Health Science students must have a 2-step process
Two doses.
Required for all students in health-related programs.
Required or Recommended
North Carolina law requires students attending colleges or universities to receive certain vaccines. You should also have the immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That way, you’re fully protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. Recommended vaccines include flu, Hepatitis A, and HPV.

These immunizations and all other medical requirements are due by July 1 for Fall admission and January 1 for Spring admission. Immunization records that remain incomplete following 30 days of enrollment will result in dismissal from class until immunization requirements are met.

Download Immunization Form (PDF)

Are there any events on campus that can teach me how to live healthier?

Yes, Wingate University hosts wellness events on campus throughout the year.

I’m a new, re-admitted or a transfer student. What health requirements do I need to take care of?

If you’re a new student, you must:

The Health Center is closed. What should I do?

Call 911 if you have an emergency. If you need general after-hours care, Atrium-Union Hospital in Monroe, North Carolina, is less than five miles from campus. 

How do I submit my insurance information?

You can submit your insurance information online whether you choose to accept or waive Wingate University’s health insurance plan.

How much will the student insurance cost?

The cost is $994 per semester ($1,988 per year) and provides coverage for one full year.

What if I already have health insurance?

Students may have a comparable existing health insurance policy through parent plans, family plans or employer-sponsored plans. If you do, you must waive out every year while enrolled at Wingate University to avoid being charged for the university’s plan.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

Students may elect to accept the health insurance plan offered by Wingate University. Alternatively, they can choose to purchase their own comparable insurance plan and complete the online waiver by the deadline for each semester. Students who don’t complete the waiver are charged for health insurance and are automatically enrolled in the university’s plan.

What is considered a comparable health plan?

Any plan that is compliant with the ACA is acceptable.

When is the deadline for completing the online waiver?

The deadline to complete the online waiver is the first day of class each semester.

Who is required to have insurance?

All full-time Wingate campus students and Hendersonville health science majors are required to have health insurance.

Why do I need health insurance if Wingate University has a student Health Center on campus?

In addition to complying with the ACA, some Health Center services require additional fees. Health insurance gives you access to services and specialists not available in the on-campus Health Center.

Why is Wingate University requiring health insurance?

To help students comply with the ACA and to help offset the cost of an unexpected illness or injury.

I am an International student. Why is my own international travel policy not accepted?”

We have found local providers do not accept international policies which leaves the student with no access to specialty care if needed. Adequate insurance coverage that is accepted locally helps offset the cost of an unexpected illness or injury.

Does the Health Center accept insurance for visits?

We will submit claims for students covered under the BCBS student plan offered through Wingate University.  Students with other insurance providers will receive a “walkout” statement that they can submit to their insurance for reimbursement. No matter which insurance coverage a student has, students are responsible for all fees for their care by the Health Center.