Our Community Standards

A community of caring is our promise to every student at Wingate University.

Our Community Standards focus on student learning through individual growth and accountability. 

The Wingate University community is conducive to academic inquiry and intellectual growth, as well as co-curricular learning and a campus life that encourages students to thrive. The Office of Community Standards is committed to an educational and developmental process that considers the interests of individual undergraduate students as well as those of the Wingate University campus community.   

We strive to resolve allegations of misconduct in a timely and equitable manner, as well as aim to create and sustain a culture of respect and responsibility.


The Wingate University Student Handbook outlines the university’s policies. We expect our students to read it and to be empowered to make good choices.

Wingate University seeks to foster a community of caring. We expect our students to intervene in times of need and help one other make good decisions. By caring for our community, we create an environment that promotes acceptance, inclusiveness, and safety. We are #ONEDOG!


If you have questions about the Wingate University Honor Code and Code of Community Standards or have been documented for an alleged policy violation, please contact the Office of Community Standards.


If you are 1) concerned about a Wingate University Student or 2) aware of a University Honor Code or Code of Community Standards violation, use the Incident Report Form to contact the appropriate WU staff. If you need assistance reporting a concern or incident, please contact the Office of Community Standards.

For more information about the University Honor Code and Code of Community Standards, please view the Wingate University Student Handbook.