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Bias Incident Reporting

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If you believe you have witnessed or experienced a bias incident, you may fill out the bias incident form below.


Bias incident form

What is a bias and/or discrimination incident?

A bias incident is an incident in which an individual or group of individuals demonstrate hate and/or prejudices towards another individual or group of individuals based on the following protected categories.  Race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, and/or veteran status. This is not an exhausted list of characteristics of bias and discrimination.

A discrimination incident is an incident that occurs when an individual or group of individuals suffer an adverse decision based on the following protected classes: Age, (dis)ability, ethnic origin, faith tradition, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, race and veteran’s status.

What are some examples of bias/discrimination incidents?

A bias incident may be demonstrated by speech, motivated expression, or verbal, written, visual or physical conduct.  Although some speech is protected by the First Amendment, Wingate University is committed to protecting such speech, but is also committed to ensuring that all community members receive fair and equal treatment.  To achieve this fair and equal treatment,  the University seeks to serve students who may be affected by that speech by offering them resources. 

What happens after a bias or discrimination incident report is filed?

When a report is submitted, the report will be routed to the Office of Community Standards for initial review. The Office of Community Standards will determine how to move forward with reported incident and will handle bias and discrimination incidents through grievance procedures and educational programs.  Additionally, reports are routed to the Bias Incident Assessment Team.

Bias Assessment Team

The purpose of the Bias Incident Assessment Team is to review bias-related incidents to gain a better understanding of the reality and climate of the institution and raise awareness of bias incidents that impact the Wingate community. Additionally, the Bias Incident Assessment Team will provide support and guidance to those impacted by these incidents by connecting them to campus resources that provide additional assistance and support. 

This is NOT a disciplinary team and it will not investigate or adjudicate bias-related incidents, but will be available to offer support and assistance to those impacted. This team will not take the place of any University process or service, but will be an additional help for those who are impacted by these bias incidents on campus.

When does the Bias Assessment Team meet?

The Bias Assessment Team will meet at a determined time monthly, or more often as needed, to review bias reports, consider the current climate of the student experience at Wingate, and assess the best ways to provide resources to students at the University.


In accordance with federal regulations, we’ve dedicated a Title IX Coordinator responsible for the administration and implementation of Wingate University’s Title IX compliance efforts. If you have Title IX questions, complaints or concerns, please contact:

Title IX Coordinator:
Nancy Horak Randall
Efird Building

Inquiries regarding the application of Title IX may be referred to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The OCR ensures institutions receiving federal funding comply with Title IX regulations.



If you feel you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, misconduct, assault or violence or sex discrimination, we encourage you to reach out. That goes for students, faculty, staff, visitors and applicants for admission or employment. Federal and state laws prohibit retaliation against individuals who file a complaint in good faith or participate in an investigation involving an alleged Title IX violation.