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Enjoy Classes Without Quizzes during Homecoming

by Luanne Williams
Lacey Ritter

Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the United States, projected to add more than 2 million jobs by 2026, thanks in part to our nation’s aging population. Changing demographic trends and the effect they are having on the healthcare industry will be the topic of a lecture at Wingate University on Saturday, Oct. 26, when Dr. Lacey Ritter, assistant sociology professor, presents “Cradle to Grave: Medical Sociology and Helping with Health.”

Dr. Ritter teaches courses in the medical sociology and women's and gender studies minors and serves as director of the University’s long-term care administration minor. 

Her 30-minute presentation is one of four topics to be addressed during Classes Without Quizzes, a chance for alumni and guests at Wingate’s Homecoming to venture into the classroom without the pressure of an ensuing evaluation. 

While Ritter is talking healthcare, down the hall, Dr. Mitch Mackinem will take on marijuana legalization. 

Mitch Mackinem

“Marijuana is big business,” says Dr. Mackinem, associate professor and coordinator of Wingate’s criminal justice major. “Sometimes it is a legal business, sometimes not. This class without a quiz will look at the promises and perils of legalized marijuana.”

Dr. Mackinem came to Wingate with a range of criminal justice experience outside of academics. He has worked as an addictions counselor in both community and correctional settings.

Also featured during Classes Without Quizzes will be Dr. Brian Odom, associate chemistry professor, and Amee Odom, director of the Ethel K. Smith Library.

Dr. Odom will dissect DNA test kits during his presentation, “What Your Spit Says About You: ‘Home’ DNA Testing and the Era of Personal Genomics.” 

“Based on commercials we see every day, home DNA test kits seem to be the latest rage,” Dr. Odom says. “How exactly do they work? How is your sample actually processed? How is this information then used to generate your DNA  report, find long lost relatives and determine your geographic ‘roots’? In our class, we’ll see what is going on behind the scenes of home DNA testing.”

Amee Odom, an alumna who has worked for the University since she graduated in 1995, will share “Wingate History: The Place, The People, The Legacy” as she invites her audience to reminisce about Wingate “then” and see Wingate “now.” Although Mrs. Odom considers her 28 years on the Wingate campus a blip on the University's radar, she says they have provided her with a unique perspective on the place and its people.

Amee Odom

“This stroll down memory lane will be filled with yearbook images, its destination will culminate in the now: where your campus is today. And, maybe there will be some sneak peeks of what's to come for Wingate’s landscape,” she says. 

Both of the Odoms’ sessions will begin at 1 p.m.; Mackinem and Ritter will present at 1:40 p.m. All four sessions will be held in the Ethel K. Smith Library. The Classes Without Quizzes are free and open to the public, but registration is required via

October 16, 2019 

  • Bulldog Bulletin