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Music professors stream live recital in bid to connect with students, Wingate community

by Chuck Gordon

If you can’t go out to see a performance, let the performance come to you.

Two Wingate University music professors are sending a little happiness and joy to laptops, phones and other screens tonight in an attempt to brighten people’s mood in the face of a virtual lockdown caused by the coronavirus.

Tonight at 7:30 p.m., Dr. Jordan Wilson and Dr. Annie Stankovic will team up for an informal recital streamed live over YouTube.

“Our students, the ones that I’ve been in contact with, are clearly just feeling a little unnerved and lonely and disconnected,” Wilson says. “I just thought the idea of putting together a little impromptu concert would lift their spirits.”

For about 45 minutes, Wilson and Stankovic will perform a few of their favorites, mixing repertoires and even languages. Wilson says he’s tried to select pieces that have special pertinence to society’s current predicament, “taking the context of the meaning of that poem and transferring a little bit to the current situation and how some of those might be applicable or be able to be seen through a different light than we normally would.”

The original idea was for the performance to be held in Wilson’s living room, but “out of an abundance of caution for our families, Annie and I will be streaming from an office in the Music Department,” he says.

The performance will still be informal and virtually unrehearsed. Although not the way he would normally perform, the voice instructor says he feels that, under the circumstances, casual is the way to go.

“This is not something we have prepped beforehand and this is not some giantly rehearsed thing,” Wilson says. “The intention of it is to be rough and ready.

“It’s not about ‘professional.’ It’s about connection.”

To view the performance, visit the special YouTube page Wilson has set up for the event.

March 20, 2020