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Students get the lowdown on Covid vaccines during Lyceum

By Anai'a Jackson, student writer

Wingate students got a closer look at the Covid-19 vaccines and how they work during a Tuesday evening Lyceum event led by members of the University’s biology and pharmacy faculty and held in the Ethel K. Smith A/V room.

Slide showing info on different types of Covid-19 vaccines.

Associate biology professors Dr. Melissa Fox and Dr. Erika Niland were joined by Dr. Andrew Woods and Dr. Brock Harris, associate professors of pharmacy. The biology professors explained the virus in detail and outlined how each of the three available vaccines works. Then all four faculty members answered questions from an audience of about three dozen students.

Among the take-aways from the event:

  • 93-94% of breakthrough infections (those in vaccinated people) do not lead to hospitalization.

  • 92% of Covid patients in the hospital are unvaccinated.

  • Data shows that Pfizer and Moderna offer stronger protection than Johnson & Johnson.

  • The Moderna vaccine seems to perform better than Pfizer in battling the Delta variant.

  • After eight months, a booster may be needed.

Student questions asked and answered:

  • Which vaccination does the University offer? The Health Center currently offers all three.

  • Which one would the professors recommend? Pfizer or Moderna 

  • Will the vaccine cause a false positive on a Covid test? No

  • Should a person get the vaccine after having the virus? Yes, but waiting 90 days is best. Getting the vaccine while sick is not recommended and will not shorten the duration of the virus.

  • Why don’t doctors recommend Johnson & Johnson as much as the other vaccines? Data shows that Pfizer and Moderna offer more protection because they use mRNA to train the immune system to produce antibodies.

Wingate students and employees interested in receiving the vaccine may do so on Friday, Sept. 10, between 9 a.m. and noon at the Health Center, located in the Holbrook Building on the southwest corner of Wilson Street and Camden Road. A vaccination clinic is also being planned for Tuesday, Sept. 14. To schedule an appointment or if you have questions, email Cassie Rosbash or call 704-233-8102.

Sept. 8, 2021