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Wingate University in top 25 for study abroad

by Luanne Williams

Wingate students gain a global perspective in the classroom and around the globe.

It’s no secret that giving students a global perspective is high on Wingate University’s to-do list. What better way to accomplish this than to send them abroad?

Wingate does just that, and at one of the top rates in the nation. The Institute of International Education has recognized Wingate as one of the top 25 master’s level institutions in the nation for study-abroad participation, based on 2016-2017 data. The Open Doors 2018 report, released Tuesday by IIE and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, ranked Wingate No. 22. The University is one of just two North Carolina schools that made IIE’s top 25, with nearly 48 percent of Wingate undergraduates who earned degrees that year having studied outside the United States.

“We've been heavily invested in study abroad for four decades and embedded global perspectives into our curriculum over a decade ago, long before globalization became a trend in higher education,” Wingate Provost Helen Tate says. “It’s exciting to be recognized for the good work of our faculty and staff in developing a climate of global awareness and life-changing study-abroad opportunities for our students.”

Making study-abroad programs accessible to virtually every student was the goal when Wingate started its signature W’International program in 1978. Nearly 87 percent of eligible juniors take advantage of the low-cost travel and study seminar. W’International groups will travel to Italy and Greece in late December. Spring classes will go to England, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and Japan. Wingate has sent students to 37 countries in the past five years.

Other study-abroad opportunities offered include immersion programs in Costa Rica and Quebec. In addition, the competitive Wingate International Grant for Students (WINGS) program offers up to $3,500 to undergraduate students seeking to study abroad for a semester or a shorter term. Wingate’s 47.7 percent study-abroad rate is extremely high considering that, nationwide, roughly 10 percent of undergraduate students study abroad.

Tate said she is unsure whether students come to Wingate because of the University’s emphasis on global awareness and opportunities for study abroad, or if they become inspired to study abroad after they arrive on campus.

“Either way, the excitement around our international programs is definitely a defining characteristic of Wingate,” she said.

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November 14, 2018