Applying to pharmacy school is a click away.

pharmacy_330x330cAre you ready to apply to the Wingate University School of Pharmacy? We use the Pharmacy College Application Service, or PharmCAS, to gather the information required for admission to Wingate University’s programs in Wingate and Hendersonville, NC. This includes:

  • PCAT scores
  • Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation

We do not consider applications until they are complete. Also, keep in mind that the Wingate and Hendersonville campuses are listed separately in PharmCAS. If you prefer one campus, please direct your application to that specific campus. The appropriate PharmCAS fee applies if you choose to apply to both campuses.

In addition to the PharmCAS application, you must complete the supplemental application and email us a picture to electronically attach to your PharmCAS file. There is a $25 admission fee as well. If you have applied to both the Wingate and Hendersonville programs, you need to complete only one (1) supplemental application form.  Please let us know if you have any questions.