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Victor E. gets a new look
by Chuck Gordon

We could all use a little spiffing up every now and then.

Wingate University Athletics is in the process of doing just that. A refreshing of the WU Athletics’ logos, wordmarks and overall branding is being phased in over the next three years. You may have noticed a more modern, intense Bulldog adorning jerseys, sweatshirts and tees lately (perhaps on a 2021 baseball national-championship shirt).

Wingate athletics logo

The Cuddy Arena floor already sports the new branding.

“The new Bulldog was introduced last summer on the athletics website and on the court in Cuddy Arena, which was due for resurfacing,” says Scott Miles, associate athletic director for external operations. “Over time, the new logo will be incorporated in team uniforms when those are due to be replaced, and the logo will be phased into athletic facilities over time as well.”

Perhaps the most noticeable change is with the Bulldog, affectionately known as “Victor E.” The previous Bulldog logo was created in 2004 and sported a more cartoonish look.

“The new Bulldog is more realistic looking,” says David Storey ’90, the University’s creative director. “His gaze is forward, into the future. He is determined and strong – not somebody to mess around with. He is drawn in a cleaner way, with not as many unusual shapes. The new one is simple and less busy.”

He’s also more than just jowls, ears and a studded collar. Ready to be used more often is a whole-body Victor E., standing alert and ready for action.

The Athletics refresh is part of an overall University branding upfit that has been taking place gradually since Storey came to work for his alma mater in 2017. He started the renovations by focusing on the University’s seal, which he had originally designed in the mid-1990s and is used only in more-formal settings and on official documentation.

He also created a vertically striped Wingate flag logo, with four dark-blue stripes representing the four stages of the institution’s growth (school, junior college, college and university) and three light-blue ones representing the University’s motto: Faith, Knowledge, Service.