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Stay Safe at Wingate

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Covid-Response Team

Jennifer Armentrout
Director of International Programs 

Glenda Bebber
Associate VP, Campus Operations 

Jessica Head
Director of Residence Life 

Kristen Yost
Executive Director, Digital Communications & University Spokesperson

Sherri McMaskill
Director, Health Center 

Sherrie Satterfield
VP for Human Resources 

Ben Sidbury
General Counsel and SVP

Suzie Wolf
Program Director, Dept. Public Health 

Andy Woods
Associate Professor, Pharmacy, Faculty Senate, Vice-Chair 

Mick Reynolds
Assistant VP and Dean of Campus Life

Travis Teague
Vice Provost of Academic Affairs 

Kelley Kish
Athletic Director

Robby Wise
Associate Athletic Trainer


Covid vaccinations, including boosters, are strongly encouraged.

  • If you are vaccinated, submit proof of vaccination and booster documentation to the Health Center. (This information will be used to help the Health Center with contact tracing).
  • If you are unvaccinated but want to receive a vaccine, please contact Cassie Rosbash at

Important Dates

As always, the safety of our students and employees remains a top priority, and we’ll continue to follow CDC and NCHHS recommendations. As you plan to return to Wingate or your first-time arrival, please mark your calendars with these important dates:

  • Undergraduate classes begin: Aug. 18
  • Move-in for freshman: Aug. 14
  • Move-in for upperclassmen: Aug. 16