Call 704-233-8400 for all COVID related issues/questions. 

Covid-Response Team Members:

Craig Addison
Glenda Bebber
Michelle Caddigan
Jessica Head
Scott Hunsucker
Sherrie McCaskill
Mick Reynolds
Brandy Shott
Kristen Yost


Academic Instruction

Some courses at Wingate are being offered solely online. Others are in-person with classrooms configured to support social distancing and with rigorous face-covering and sanitizing procedures in place. And some courses are a mix, with classes in-person some days and online others. 

Classroom Policies & Setup

  • Cloth face coverings must be worn by all faculty members and students in classrooms, labs and studios.
  • Face coverings utilized on university property are prohibited from displaying discriminatory, vulgar, offensive or harassing language, art or symbols.  
  • Classrooms are configured to promote physical distancing. Room-specific plans have been developed for every classroom and instructional space, including labs, studios and rehearsal spaces. 
  • Some classes require a rotation of in-person and online learning.
  • In order to limit crowding in hallways and stairwells, many facilities have directional pathways designated by signage.
  • Faculty members are responsible for communicating specific class guidelines, typically via course syllabi. Guidelines may change as warranted by the situation. Students who have questions about guidelines should ask their professors.

Teaching & Learning Strategies

All Fall 2020 courses include regular interactions with classmates and professors, but these include a wide variety of forms to meet educational goals and students' learning needs.

Courses are designed and taught in ways that enable students who must be quarantined or who must shift to fully-remote learning to continue to complete the course. Faculty members are communicating with students throughout quarantine or remote-learning periods to ensure that they understand what is expected of them and what resources are available.

Office Hours

Students should make appointments to meet with their professors. Virtual meetings are encouraged. 

Study Abroad

Any announcements about the 2020-2021 W’international programs will come from the Office of International Programs.

Graduate Programs

In addition to the University-wide social-distancing guidelines, graduate students are subject to guidelines and schedules provided by their program directors.

Study Spaces

Study rooms in the EKS Library and other study spaces will be limited and available only at reduced capacity. Signage will be posted.

Academic Services 

EKS Library 

  • Plexiglass dividers have been installed at service points.
  • General reference assistance is available via chat, email or phone. Reference consultation appointments are available via Zoom.
  • No browsing is permitted in the main stacks. Rather, student assistants are retrieving requested materials. Requests can be made at the reference or circulation desks.
  • Computer stations must be cleaned before and after use by each patron; wipes and sanitizer are provided.
  • Library instruction classes are being delivered via Zoom.


  • Tutoring
    • All tutoring is appointment-based and scheduled through the TutorTrac system at
    • Online appointments via Zoom are highly encouraged.
    • In-person appointments in the ARC are limited to adhere to the reduced-capacity requirements in the library.
  • Supplemental instruction
    • SI is available either online or in person on a class-by-class basis.
  • Writing Center
    • Appointments must be made through TutorTrac ( and take place via Zoom consultations. All available appointment times are visible once the student accesses TutorTrac.

    • Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance (48 hrs is preferred).

    • When making the appointment, students must include a link (Google Docs) to their paper draft in the Notes section. If the student does not have a draft yet and needs a “planning / brainstorming session,” the student should make that known in the Notes section and include a link to the writing prompt.

    • The writing consultants will make/embed comments directly on the student’s draft prior to the Zoom consultation session. During the Zoom session, the writing consultants will discuss the comments and suggest improvements.

    • Students will receive a “summary” of the session via TutorTrac. It is the students’ responsibility to provide that to their professor if necessary. The writing consultants will complete an additional session summary that is more reflective of the session. This additional summary session is primarily intended for Writing Center use. If faculty or administrators have questions or concerns about a particular student and their writing, these additional session summaries are available on request.

    • Remember: writing consultants do not “fix” papers. Consultants make suggestions to improve the paper while acting as “coaches” to help students grow and improve as writers in general. Students are ultimately responsible for their own work. It is up to the student to consider the consultants’ suggestions and comments and then to revise accordingly.

Academic Advising

  • Advising appointments are available in person, via email and via videoconferencing (Zoom or Google).
  • Plexiglass partitions are installed at all service points, including office and reception space.

Career Development

  • Workshops, seminars and Lyceums offered by the Office of Career Development are being provided via videoconferencing (Zoom or Google).
  • Individual appointments with a Career Development staff member are available in person, via email and via videoconferencing (Zoom or Google).
  • Plexiglass partitions are installed at all service points, including office and reception space.


  • The majority of events are online.
  • Students must complete the form at the end of  an event to receive credit.