several Wingate University honors students pose during an eventOnce you’ve been accepted to Wingate University and completed the FAFSA, the Office of Admissions will contact you with your estimated student financial aid package. Here’s a breakdown of available aid types.


Undergraduate grants are gift money, not necessarily awarded on merit, that can be applied toward college expenses. Typically, eligibility is based on financial need. Grants may come from the federal or state governments.


Student loans are a means to borrow money that must be repaid over time. Many families receive student loans from the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. This program allows students and parents to borrow educational loans directly from the Department of Education. Available loans include Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans for Parents and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans.

Alternative Loans

Available from private lenders, such as banks or credit unions, alternative student loans are typically given to creditworthy students. They can be used to assist with any remaining balance for tuition and expenses.


Scholarships are awarded to students based on individual criteria as specified by the scholarship program.  Scholarships can be awarded to students based on merit or financial need. “Merit” can mean good grades, athletic ability or service. Some scholarships even come from companies where your parents might work.

Academic Scholarships

Wingate University offers scholarships to qualified undergraduates. You’re automatically considered once you submit an admissions application to Wingate and do not need to submit a separate scholarship application. You’ll be notified about any scholarship award by the Office of Admissions.



The Federal Work-Study Program provides funds to students who are employed on campus. All students are eligible to work on campus, even if you haven’t been granted federal work-study aid. On-campus jobs at Wingate University offer monthly earnings paid directly to you.