We expect your best. Like all colleges, Wingate University has standards for financial aid from federal, state and institutional sources.

students hang out on campus, talking next to a large metal benchBecause we need to make sure you’re meeting those requirements, we track your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) as an undergraduate. Your progress is evaluated at the end of each semester and is based on credit hours earned, credit hours attempted and cumulative GPA.

Cumulative GPA

Your number of attempted undergraduate credits affects your minimum GPA requirement. Attempted hours are determined on the census date (five days after the last day to drop a course). This table gives you an idea of how it works:

Credits Attempted (includes transfer hours) Minimum Cumulative GPA Requirement
0 to 23 1.6
24 to 56 1.8
57 or more 2

Cumulative Hours

You’re required to pass at least 67% of attempted credits (excluding non-credit and pass/fail courses). Keep in mind:

  • Grades of A, B, C or D count as as attempted credits.
  • I or W grades count as “attempted credit” and impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • If you’ve passed with a grade of D or higher, you may repeat a course once for a higher grade.
  • You can apply credit hours from other institutions and exams such as AP and CLEP toward your attempted and completed hours. These credits must be evaluated and determined to be transferable to your program of study at Wingate University.
  • Even if you’ve declared academic bankruptcy, your credits still count as attempted hours for financial aid purposes.

Time Frame

Part of meeting SAP is finishing your degree requirements within 150% of the published length of your academic program. You’re allowed to receive institutional financial aid for up to 150% of published program length.

Belk Students

The Belk Academic Scholarship requirements are higher than the financial aid policy’s. Belk scholars are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Student Athletes

Eligibility requirements for student athletes receiving athletic financial aid are established by Wingate University and the NCAA.

Drug Violations

If you’re receiving aid and you’re convicted of a drug law violation, you may lose your eligibility for financial aid for a specified amount of time.