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As mandated by the Higher Education Act, institutions of higher education must establish minimum standards of “Satisfactory Academic Progress”. Wingate University makes these standards applicable to all federal, state of North Carolina and institutional financial aid programs.

Programs administered by outside agencies, or states other than North Carolina, may have their own academic standards for students.  Check the requirements with the agent granting your funding.

In order to maintain your eligibility for financial aid, we track your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) during your enrollment at Wingate University. Your progress is evaluated at the end of each semester and is based on credit hours earned, credit hours attempted and cumulative GPA.



Belk & McGee Academic Scholarship Recipients

The Belk & McGee Academic Scholarship requirements are higher than the general financial aid SAP guidelines. Belk & McGee scholars are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Student Athletes

Eligibility requirements for student athletes receiving athletic financial aid are established by Wingate University and the NCAA.  Please refer to your grant-in-aid for additional information.