You may have questions the financial aid process, the information below will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Students who want to apply for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is available each year beginning on October 1.

How do I apply for financial aid to attend Wingate University?

Complete the FAFSA annually and be sure to include the Wingate University school code, 002985. We encourage you to complete the FAFSA before March 1.

How do I check the status of my financial aid on WinLink?

The video playlist below has many helpful “How To” instructions for new students. Skip to video six to find the information you need to check your financial aid status.

What if I think I am not eligible for federal financial aid?

We encourage you to complete the FAFSA, at least for your first year, to determine whether you qualify for any federal, state or institutional financial aid.

How long after completing the FAFSA before I know what aid I am receiving?

Your award package will be processed after you submit the FAFSA and have been fully accepted into Wingate University. Award packages are mailed beginning in February and are processed on a rolling basis.

What information is included in my award package?

Your award package will outline the various types of aid for which you qualify. This may include a combination of academic scholarships, need-based grants, federal loans or work-study eligibilty.

What does it mean to be selected for verification?

Please don’t be concerned if the Department of Education or Wingate University selects your FAFSA for the verification process. You haven’t done anything wrong. This is a standard procedure that many students are asked to complete to confirm the accuracy of the data you submitted on your FAFSA. This extra step simply requires you to submit additional information, such as tax return transcripts or other information, before a final decision is made on your financial aid eligibility. If your FAFSA is selected for verification, the Office of Student Financial Planning will notify you of any additional information you need to provide.

How quickly do I need to return my completed documents to the Office of Student Financial Planning?

Please provide all information to the office by the required due dates to ensure your scholarship and grant funds are available to you when you arrive in the fall.

What happens if my family financial situation changes?

At Wingate University, we recognize that things don’t always go as planned. Family finances may be negatively impacted by unforeseen events such as catastrophic illness, divorce or unemployment. If something like this has happened to you and your family, we want to help. Contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and we may be able to reassess your award package.