Have you submitted your FAFSA? Perfect. Now the only thing standing between you and your student loans is your loan acceptance.

Once the Office of Student Financial Planning receives notice of the amount of loans you’re eligible for, an award letter is sent to you. A copy of the loan acceptance form is sent with your award package. You have three options when filling it out:

1. You can accept the full amount of the loan.
2. You can accept the loan, but reduce the amount if it’s more than you need.
3. You can decline the loan.

Make sure you sign and date it before mailing, faxing or e-mailing it to the Office of Student Financial Planning. The fax number is 704-233-9396. You’ll need to do this within 30 days of receiving your award letter. All the contact info you need is right there on the form.

What Happens if I Miss the 30-Day Mark?

We need you to actively confirm the amount of financial aid you’ll be accepting. If the Office of Student Financial Planning doesn’t receive your completed loan acceptance form within 30 days of the day your award letter is issued, your students loans are placed in a “declined” status. If you decide that you need your loans, you will need to complete and submit a loan acceptance form, and we will update your loan status.