The federal work-study program helps qualified students pay for college. Want to know more?

a female Wingate Outfitters employee assists a Wingate student in the store

One way to help pay for college is by participating in the federal work-study program. Here’s what you need to know before you apply for a part-time job through this program.

Work-Study Basics

Work-study provides part-time employment for full- or part-time Wingate University students with financial need, enabling them to earn money to pay for their educational expenses.

Earnings from work-study positions go directly to the student; they are not automatically applied to the student’s account.

Student workers earn at least the current minimum wage and are paid monthly, with the first payroll on or around October 15.

Students are not guaranteed a position on campus and are responsible for finding employment. All students are eligible to work on campus, even without a federal work-study award.

Earn While You Learn

Each department on campus is responsible for the individual positions available in their department.

Contact departments directly, either in person or by phone, to ask about available positions.

Some departments post jobs with the Center for Vocations, Internships and Career Services. Your name will be added to the list to view those postings in the Career Gate Portal the summer before your first year at Wingate University.

You’ve Got the Job

Once you have a job offer, go to the Office of Student Financial Planning to get a work-study contract and to fill out the required tax paperwork. You also need to bring two forms of identification.

Please be aware that you cannot begin working on campus until you have completed the appropriate paperwork and your supervisor has received approval for you to begin work.