Worried about how to plan and pay for your college education? Our net price calculator helps you prepare.

One way we can help is through our net price calculator. This tool helps you learn about your eligibility for financial aid as a full-time freshman or transfer student. Sources for this assistance include the federal and state governments as well as Wingate University.

The Details

As you use the net price calculator, please remember:

  • This is not an application for Wingate University admission or financial aid.
  • The results are only as reliable as the data you provide and may not cover all the costs of attendance.
  • The net price calculator gives an estimate of your net price and aid eligibility.
  • The financial planning office makes the final decision on your financial aid award.

Important Information

  • Graduation Rate: 50.8 percent of full-time students graduate within six years.
  • Loan Default Rate: 4.5 percent of borrowers enter repayment and default on their loans.
  • Median Borrowing: Students who borrow at Wingate University typically take $26,500 in federal loans for their undergraduate study. The federal loan payment over 10 years for this amount is approximately $271.97 per month. Your borrowing may be different.
  • Repaying Your Loans: To learn about loan repayment choices and work out your federal loan monthly payment, go to: www.studentaid.ed.gov/repay-loans/understand/plans.
  • Higher Education Opportunity Act Disclosures: For more information, go to https://www.wingate.edu/get-to-know-wingate-university/higher-education-opportunity-act/.

Ready to Begin?

Submitting the information should take about 20 minutes or less. You’ll need to answer some basic questions about your parent(s)’ financial situation, so have recent tax returns and W-2s handy.

When you’re ready to begin, sign in with your college board user name and password or use the net price calculator as a guest. The advantage of signing in is that the information you enter can be saved in your account.

We hope our net price calculator shows you how affordable Wingate University can be. If you have questions about any financial aid, please contact an enrollment officer in the Office of Admissions. For explanations of common concepts regarding college funding, visit our glossary of useful terms.

Please note: The estimates provided apply to full-time, first-time undergraduate students only.

These estimates do not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance or a final net price. They are only estimates based on the cost of attendance and financial aid provided to students in 2017-2018. The cost of attendance and financial aid availability changes year to year. These estimates shall not be binding on the Secretary of Education, the institution of higher education or the State.

Not all students receive financial aid. In 2017-2018, 98% of our full-time students enrolling in college for the first time received grant and/or scholarship aid. Students may also be eligible for student loans and work-study. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to determine their eligibility for federal student aid that includes federal grants, loans or work-study assistance. For more information on applying for federal student aid, please visit the FAFSA website.