Do you have questions about verification? Below you’ll find the forms you need and answers to these popular questions.

Why have I been selected for verification?

Anyone who fills out the FAFSA can be selected. Usually, the Department of Education just wants to clear up information, or an aspect of your application was incomplete.

What do I need to do?

Complete the verification worksheet for the academic year in question. There are five verification categories. Wingate University will give you the proper verification code on your verification worksheet, missing documents letter and/or via WinLink.

When do I submit verification?

You need to submit a verification worksheet within 30 days of receiving your notification letter. Make sure you include your first and last name and your student ID number on each document.

They’ve asked for my IRS tax return transcript. How do I get those?

There are three ways to get your tax return transcripts:

  1. By phone: Call the IRS Tax Transcript Center at 800–908–9946. Your paper transcript should be mailed in 5–10 business days.
  2. Online: Go to the IRS website. Select “Get Transcript Online.” Request your tax return transcript for the year in question. You should be able to immediately view and print your transcript.
  3. Via Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript (Form 4506T-EZ): Download the form. Don’t complete Section 5 (Release to Third Party); you want the transcript mailed directly to you. Mail or fax your request to the office specified on the second page of the form. Your paper transcript should be mailed in 5–10 business days.

But I didn’t file a tax return for the year in question. What now?

You still have to complete the verification form. You’ll need to attest to the fact that you didn’t file and/or won’t be filing an IRS 1040 for the year in question and that it wasn’t necessary for you to do so. You’ll also need to submit copies of all of your W-2 forms from employers to the Office of Student Financial Planning.

How do I submit my forms once they’re completed?

You have three options for submitting your forms:

  1. By fax: 704–233–9396. ATTN: Verification Paperwork
  2. By mail: Office of Student Financial Planning Campus Box 3001 Wingate, NC 28174
  3. Via e-mail. Please make the e-mail subject “Verification Paperwork.”

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact your enrollment office in the Office of Admissions for more help.