University life offers more than an education that leads to a degree. Make the most of your Wingate experience. Be an involved Bulldog.

Getting an education that prepares you for the working world is absolutely your first priority. But, if you’re looking for experiences that reward you beyond grades, then become an involved Bulldog.

Unleash an Active Lifestyle

By participating in campus recreation activities, you have numerous opportunities to try something new and meet people. Playing intramural sports and working out are only two of the many options available to you.

Get Involved

There are many different types of student organizations you can join as well as activities you can participate in on campus. Want to join the Nervous Speakers Club? Step right up. Ready for Bulldog Battleship? Prepare to get soaked. And we have much more.

Words to Live By

Wingate University students live and grow by the motto Knowledge, Faith, Service.

School Spirit in Action

Student organizations offer a variety of benefits. They give you a chance to interact with and understand a diverse range of people. By joining organizations, you have opportunities to develop leadership and other important career skills. Membership makes you feel like part of the community and gives you a sense of pride in the organization and in Wingate University. It also promotes social responsibility and a desire to give back to your community. Best of all, you get to make new friends and enjoy your university and all it has to offer.

Get Involved

At Wingate, there are plenty of ways to become an involved Bulldog, including fraternities and sororities, Blue and Gold Fridays and campus ministries events. For more information on how you can get the full Wingate experience, check out the list of Registered Student Organizations and the campus event calendar.

For more information on how you can get the full Wingate experience, contact Ms. Brandy Shott.

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