Become a positive example that others want to follow.

A pond overlooking the Stegall Building is surrounded by walkways and a small statue

At Wingate University, being a campus leader means more than just a flashy title and added responsibilities. You are paving the way for you and your peers to become an example for future students. And a number of student-led organizations are calling you to lead them. 

Multicultural organizations like Black Student Union and International Club promote a tolerant campus community. UCAN, a student-led organization itself, organizes service events that offer you the opportunity to lead while helping others in the community. Leadership helps you to increase your positive influence on campus, while equipping you with the skills needed to be successful after graduation.

Peer Collaboration Is Key

Campus leaders are recognized not only for their personal accomplishments, but for their ability to work with others to reach a common goal. Finding the balance between personal and team goals is one of several traits we look for among student leaders.

Unlock Your Potential Today

From yearly conferences and training opportunities to receiving important accolades for exceptional work, becoming a campus leader is an invaluable experience. If you’re interested in how you can get involved in campus leadership, contact Ms. Brandy Shott at Dickson-Palmer Center.