Have fun being a Bulldog with BARC.

a group of students whitewater rafting

The Bulldog Activities Resource Committee, or BARC, has one simple goal in mind: To provide safe and fun entertainment options for all students.

We do this by supervising the event planning process while taking to heart your suggestions and ideas for upcoming events.

With the help of such offices as Residence Life and Student Involvement, we’re able to maintain a vibrant social environment for everyone on campus.

Activities for All Students

Over the years, BARC has made it possible for students like you to enjoy a variety of activities on campus. From regular movie nights to concerts and festivals, BARC makes the planning and execution come off without a hitch.

If there’s ever been a time that you’ve wanted to see the event-planning process from behind the scenes, BARC has student leadership opportunities for those interested.

Who knows? You may become part of a team hosting an event that generations of students will talk about well after graduation.

The Big Deal About BARC

We encourage everyone to get involved with student organizations and activities on campus, and BARC makes that possible. If you’d like to know more, contact Ms. Emma Wallace, Assistant Director of Student Involvement today.