It’s all Greek to us.

A group of students pose around a bright pink firetruck during Relay for Life 2014

At Wingate University, we think of ourselves as family. Fraternities and sororities strengthen that connection. When you join one of the seven chapters, you become part of a life-long network of brothers and sisters. Joining a fraternity and sorority can add many valuable dimensions to your college experience.

Lifelong Bonds

Joining a sorority or fraternity means you join a community that allows you to:

  • Contribute through service and philanthropy
  • Create a healthy and safe community environment
  • Cultivate leadership skills and abilities
  • Engage in campus life and leadership
  • Gain organization values through positive and productive conduct
  • Promote intellectual development and learning

Find Your Place

Each organization supports different¬†philanthropies and causes and has their own history and traditions. All of our fraternities and sororities support one another, high scholastic goals, service to the community, leadership and the betterment of individuals. We hope you’ll consider the benefits of joining one that meets your needs and goals.

If you’d like more information, stop by to chat with us.