(Campus) Life is what you make it!

The way you spend your time outside of class is important. Making friends, making a difference or making a winning shot are all parts of your Wingate University experience. Every day, there are many ways to get involved that shape the course of your life in school and beyond. Even before you arrive on campus, we’re your connection for the resources you need to make life at Wingate University the best it can be.

Great Beginnings

a group of students sit in the grass in the evening, beside the pond Your Wingate experience is off to a great start once you’re enrolled, with resources such as the Academic Resource Center there to help.

Making the Most of Every Day

Don’t just get by at Wingate University. Thrive on the nurturing spirit of the community that flourishes here. We’re your connection for these necessities:

Meeting You Where You Live

If you live on campus, Residence Life is your resource for everything about the campus experience. From dining halls to safety, we’re here to make sure you’ve got what you need at your home away from home.

Keeping You in the Know

What’s going on on campus? What’s in the 2016-2017 Wingate University Student Handbook (PDF)? We’ve got that info plus:

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