A healthy, safe living environment is our promise to every student at Wingate University.

a sidewalk runs beside Old Well SpringOur Community Standards focus on student learning through individual growth and accountability. Each member of the community is important and each is held to the same high level of responsibility for meeting the University’s educational mission. Our primary goals are to encourage students to be successful and provide a positive and safe community.

We recognize that good people sometimes make poor choices. Part of our role is to help educate our students to make better choices. The conduct process and sanctions for violation of rules and regulations are designed for guidance or correction of behavior and to protect the rights of other students within the university community.

Our Expectations

The Wingate University Student Handbook outlines the university’s policies. We expect our students to read it and to be empowered to make good choices.

Wingate University seeks to foster a community of caring. We expect our students to look out for and help one other make good decisions. By stepping up for our community, we create an environment that promotes acceptance, inclusiveness and safety.

Community Standards Process

If you have been documented for an alleged policy violation, please contact Laura Brant, Director of Community Standards, to schedule your Educational Conference or if you have questions or concerns.

Sexual Misconduct Information

Wingate University takes all reports and complaints of sexual misconduct very seriously. We strive to be a community free of any sexual misconduct by providing educational training, thematic programming, bystander training and clear expectations for community behavior and values. Wingate University has also designed policies and procedures that strongly encourage community members to report sexual misconduct, seek help and support, pursue criminal and/or disciplinary actions and take action against potential sexual misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct Quick Reporting Guide

Survivor’s Information Guide

If you have questions, please reach out to us. We encourage everyone to work together to create a community we are proud to call home.

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