The current 2017-2018 Wingate University Student Handbook (PDF) contains everything undergraduate students need to know. Download your copy and use it to find the answers you need about all aspects of your life as a Wingate University undergraduate student.

Graduate students need to use the specific handbook for their program. Check them out, download them and stay abreast of the university expects from you!

Class of 2017 PA Student Handbook

Class of 2016 PA Student Handbook

2016-2017 School of Pharmacy Handbook

2016 Physical Therapy Doctoral Candidate Handbook

Internship Handbook for K-12 Principal Licensure Program

2015-2016 K-12 Ed.S. and Ed.D. Handbook

2015-2016 Community College Executive Leadership Handbook

2015-2016 Graduate Education Catalog and Handbook

2015-2016 MASM Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

2015-2016 Graduate Business Academic Catalog